About Feed The Team

Welcome to Feed the Team!  We are 3 sisters mothering 8 children in the wilds of Manchester in the UK.  Our blog is about eating real food, together, as a family.  Sometimes healthy and sometimes not.  Sometimes calm and serene and sometimes tearing our hair out.  Whatever the current mood we wanted to share our experiences of cooking for (and with) kids – it’s a bumpy ride…

4 thoughts on “About Feed The Team

  1. It such a great pleasure to eat together with all those cute kids. I never try that before so I was curious right now of what you feeling after that. I guess it’s kinda fun and unforgettable experience right?


  2. Hi, I love your weekly plans. Thank you.
    One question – do your children have hot school meals? My daughter does and so every week night just wants ‘picky’ tea, not a proper meal! She just isn’t interested in a proper meal.
    Your tapas ideas might be an idea (when I create some of your energy!!)
    Thanks again!


    1. Hi
      We have kids of varying ages but most of them do have hot school meals and my youngest eats at nursery. I find that she isn’t so hungry on nursery days and so I’ll serve her smaller portions but that my eldest seems really hungry after school and wants a big meal. I think when they’re young it can really vary based on if they’re having a growth spurt, time of year etc. If she’s not so hungry and you’re eating together I’d just serve her a small portion of what you’re having.
      Emma x


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