Meal Planner

Week starting 12th June


Feeling weary but cheery after a weekend of celebrations for the 6 year old birthday boy. It’s amazing how throwing a couple of parties can make you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck (and simultaneously like you’ve eaten a truckload of cake).  So a more restful week ahead (hopefully) and perhaps slightly less sugar.

Having said that we had to start the week clearing out some of the leftovers from our barbecue yesterday.  As you might expect our family events are never knowingly under-catered so that was an easy, if not overly healthy start to the week.

Tomorrow is a slightly healthier one, veggie stir fry with an oyster sauce and some eggy fried rice and on Wednesday it’s quesadillas.  I’ve banged on before about the joy of quesadillas on a weeknight.  They’re quick and simple and you can easily switch up fillings to cater for different tastes.  We often keep it simple for the kids with ham and cheese and some chorizo but here are a few ideas for more interesting fillings to try them (and you) on.

On Thursday I’m trying a new recipe and making the most of the plentiful asparagus with this chicken dish.  It sounds a bit naughty but is actually quite light as it uses reduced fat creme fraiche and you can find it on the Ocado site or if you follow the link below.

I think we’ll serve it with some greens and skip the potatoes for an even lighter meal, especially because on Friday night the hubby and I are going away for a night..!  This rarely happens so I’m quite excited particularly as we are going somewhere with really good food.  I’m going to leave the kids with my mum and a pesto sauce that I can knock up easily in the morning before work.  They love pesto and pasta so much they might even let me leave without sobbing (they won’t).

I suspect I might be feeling worse for wear when I get back on Saturday so we’re having a simple tea of fishcakes and veg and then on Sunday we have friends over with kids so I’m going to make a recipe from The National Trust Family Cookbook – yoghurt, lemon and cardamom chicken wraps which I’m thinking I’ll also serve with some sweet potato fries, salsa and guacamole (plus perhaps some cheeky sausages in case of fussy kids :-))

Have a great week!