Meal Planner

Week starting 22nd May


The sun is out, we’ve bought a caravan and summer is properly on its way.  Hooray!  I love this time of year when it feels like all of the long days are stretching out ahead of you and exciting holidays await – Sardinia in August but hopefully lots of lovely weekends in our new caravan too.  I’m determined to make caravans cool again somehow – I think it might be all about the accessories.

Anyway, onto our week in meals.  Just in case you’re new to our blog we focus on meals that the family eat together (as often as is possible) and we eat 2 meat, 2 fish and 2 veggie meals a week.  Plus one day off for good behaviour to do with as we please whether that be going out, takeaway or picnic.  The less washing up to do the better.

We also always start the week with pasta – pasta Mondays!  I’m not quite sure when this became a thing but it makes the meal planner a bit easier to put together when you know it’s going to be pasta first up.  Pesto pasta is THE favourite dinner in our household and we always make our own pesto, not that there’s anything wrong with the jarred kind but it’s one of the easiest sauces to make – just blitz up basil, toasted pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil and it’s literally done in 5 minutes – so it’s one that feels easy enough even for the busiest days.  This week I’m going to do it with a bit of chicken because I’ve got some to use up from last week.

On Tuesday it will be an easy day of some fish in a light dusting of seasoned flour plus a load of veg and then on Wednesday we’re having an even easier dinner of jackets and beans as I’m in on my own with the kids.

Thursday is going to be prawn curry and rice.  I tend to use a recipe from Ella’s Kitchen Red book for this one which is actually supposed to be a chicken curry but works fine with prawns too.  I find that the kids prefer prawns in a curry, it must be something about the texture.  Plus if I serve it with naan bread everything gets mopped up somehow.

Friday is a real blast from the past – sausage plait.  At my school if there was sausage plait on the menu for lunch word would get round and there would be a scrum to get there.  That and this strange chocolate crunch ensemble for pudding which I don’t think I could hope to replicate it was so random.  Anyway, I’m not quite sure how I’m making this sausage plait as it’s not one that I’ve put together before.  The school version had stuffing in the middle (probably to keep costs down now I think about it) but this one looks like it might be quite simple to put together.

Or this one if I’m feeling a bit fancier.

After all that sausage it feels right that we finish the week with a veggie option and I noticed some veggie fingers on the Annabel Karmel feed the other day and decided to give them a try.  I love veggie fingers but the kids haven’t had them too often but hopefully if you dress it up enough like a fish finger they’ll get on board.  These ones on the Jamie Oliver site look delicious.  Perfect for a weekend tea.




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