Meal Planner 11.09.17


I’m writing this after a day of being rained on incessantly so things are feeling distinctly wintery (hence the holly).  It must be nearly soup season already!  I do love a good soup though so whilst sad to say goodbye to the salad (and, more importantly, sun), I am looking forward to healthy, hearty autumn food too.

I started the week trying, once again, to recreate the asparagus pasta dish we had in Italy and, once again, failing miserably.  I just can’t understand how something that looked so bloody simple is so difficult to create.  I tried frying off the asparagus tips in plenty of butter and stirring a little cream and parmesan through at the end but it’s still nowhere near as full of flavour and silky.  Try, try, try again.

Tomorrow we’re having egg fried rice and prawns.  Egg fried rice is by no means rocket science but when I started cooking it more often for the kids I started relying on a John Torode recipe which I’ve shared on our recipes page.  I then cook the prawn off in some oil and a mix of spices and serve with some greens.

Wednesday is sausage and mash and then on Thursday we’re back in soup territory proper with a spiced carrot and lentil recipe from the BBC Good Food site, I’ve included that one on our recipes page too.  Not sure what the kids will think about this one but we need to branch out from butternut squash and tomato!

We’re finishing off on Friday with some homemade pizza before heading off to Wales for the weekend for some more caravanning and also our anniversary.  Hopefully someone else will do the cooking!