Meal Planner 04.09.17


Well that went by in a flash.  Don’t get me wrong the last six weeks haven’t always been a bed of roses but I have to say I do love the holidays.  The lazy mornings (even if I’m going to work not getting them out of the door by half 8 is blissful), the time you get to spend as a family (even if they drive you mad half of the time) and even the odd sunny day.  So I’m a bit sad it’s over already.  My husband, however, is not!  He asked if I could put a happy face on there for him…

And another thing about school weeks – it’s back to rushed teatimes and coming up with healthyish things that you can cook in the 3 second that you’ve got between getting home and them harassing you for food.

So today (even though they aren’t technically back to school until tomorrow) was the quickest pasta of all – pasta and pesto.  You can find our pesto recipe on our recipes page.

Tomorrow is not really a quicky – my daughter is starting in the nursery at school tomorrow and only doing an hour and a half in the morning which, whilst not really ideal for work purposes, will at least mean I’ve got more time for cooking at the end of the day.  Plus I get to pick the older one up from his first day in year 2 which is a bonus.

Fish pie is one of our classics, possibly even my favourite meal of all time.  I’ve given up on cooking the fish before it goes into the oven – too much faff – I know stick whatever fish we have in the bottom of an oven dish raw, cover with a white sauce (and sometimes stick in some hard boiled egg too) and then cover again with mash and a healthy (or actually not so healthy) sprinkling of cheese.  It really is one of the ultimate comfort foods and given the weather has decided summer is now officially over it seems quite apt.

Wednesday we are probably back into the swing of things so we’ll do quick jacket potatoes and then an equally quick prawn stir fry on Thursday.

Friday will be chicken kebabs (halloumi for me) with flatbreads and then on Saturday I’m going to make a veggie masala curry from Jack Monroe’s book A Girl Called Jack.  If you fancy a look you can check it out on our recipes page or find it on her website.

Hope you have a great week.