Meal Planner (Archive)

Week starting 24th April


I finally felt for sure like Spring had sprung this weekend. So far it’s been a bit of a stop start affair but this weekend we spent a lot of time in the garden, digging and planting and that’s when you know for sure winter’s behind you for another year and you can start looking forward to light nights and warmer toes. Woo hoo!

Having said that I think this week’s meal planner still demonstrates that we’re in that in between phase where we’re not quite into salads but it feels too light to crack out the slow cooker.

Tomorrow I’m starting with pesto pasta because I’ve reached my limit of how many times I can be asked for it without just laying down and giving in. They literally mention it every single day. I wonder how long the obsession will continue?

Tuesday’s are always our busiest and latest home days so it’s a simple one, some breaded fish from my Ocado shop with lots of fresh veg. It’s close enough to fish fingers for them to pass the test and nice enough for us to feel like we aren’t eating kids food. Obviously you could make the fish easily enough yourself but that doesn’t mean you have to every day!

Wednesday has us still in Winter with our squash soup but I do love a soup as a good family friendly vegetarian option. The kids have always loved squash soup in particular because it’s slightly sweet although I tend to roast the squash in some vegetable oil with a teaspoon of cumin and garam masala in the morning so that it has been sitting in the spiced oil for the day. Then it’s really easy to cook up a diced onion, throw in the squash and a litre or so of stock and blitz. It’s on the table in 10 minutes.

Thursday I’m doing a dinner inspired by a recipe I saw on It’s not a tricky one but if you’re interested you can see what’s involved on the link below.

On Friday the 5yo has friends over so we’re doing homemade burgers and oven chips and then I’m finishing the week with sausage and beans and Yorkshires. I saw someone having this on Instagram the other day and couldn’t believe it had never occurred to me! Looking forward to the new taste sensation beans and Yorkshire mash up.

Have a good week!