Meal Planner (Archive)

Week starting 20th March


Every now and then I have a week where I’m completely devoid of inspiration for the week of meals ahead and this week was one of those weeks. Sadly my copy of the The National Trust Cookbook also arrived slightly too late to help out but I’m really looking forward to trying some of the recipes next week and I’ll also blog with my thoughts on the book in the next week or two.

For now though, I’m making do with some old favourites (including probably my all time favourite), a Diana Henry recipe (if you don’t know Diana Henry check her out, her recipes offer amazing inspiration whilst remaining relatively simple) and more help from The Spicery.

We started off today with the one that my husband and I could probably make in our sleep (and that would almost be the case today) – pasta and pesto. Not imaginative but an easy way to start the week at least.

Tomorrow will be the Diana Henry recipe which I actually found when browsing the Ocado site, you can find it here:

I’m looking forward to this one because Nasi Goreng always reminds me of living in Sydney at a time when I had zero responsibilities (and ate Nasi Goreng from the local takeaway about 5 times a week).

On Wednesday we’ll be having simple baked salmon with mash. The kids seem to be really into salmon again at the moment which is good news so here’s one to keep simple and serve with loads of lovely fresh veg.

Thursday is another long travelling day for me so the kids will be eating fish finger sandwiches and then on Friday the opposite of fast food, a steak pie. To make this I’ll slow cook some braising steak in stock in my slow cooker for most of the day and then add the filling to a shortcrust case. This was the meal I used to request on my birthday when I was a kid and it still feels special now, even if I have to make it myself these days!

And finally on Saturday I’m going to try out another recipe using my spices from The Spicery – a veggie tagine. I’ve mentioned The Spicery before – a spicing subscription which sends you bespoke spices as well as the recipes to make them – but having finally made my first full meal (a chicken jalfrezi plus accompaniments) last Friday I am now recommending it whole-heartedly. The meal was amazing and it was so simple to put together, great for if you’re having friends over and to push you out of your comfort zone. Looking forward to trying the next one.

And on Sunday it really has to be a day off given it’s Mother’s Day, hopefully I’ll get treated to something nice and I’ll be able to put my feet up all day (yeah right).

Have a good week!