Sunshine blogger award!

It’s always a lovely thing when you get a note to let you know that someone out there is reading what you have to say.  The mum and the foodie community on Instagram and beyond is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives every day and not only do we appreciate so much every reader we have but we also enjoy reading about other people’s lives too – and seeing the outfits, always the outfits.

Thanks to Confessions of a working mum @confession_mum for nominating us for this Sunshine Blogger Award and here’s our answers to your questions!

Why did you start blogging?

We starting blogging because more and more people, mostly friends, were asking about the meal plans that I (Emma) would put together for my young family.  We all love food and so having somewhere to share our ideas and also, importantly, something that we can do together has been a really great experience.
What is your favourite childhood memory?

That’s a toughie.  Mostly because my memory is terrible, I struggle to remember what happened yesterday.  I think I’d say that the memories I have of our holidays when I was a kid, travelling around France in a caravan with all of my brothers and sisters (there are 5 of us) are pretty special.
If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

Wonder Woman for the outfit.
What colour best describes your personality?

My favourite colour is blue but that would make me sound like a Debbie Downer.  I’d say I’m more of an orange, something that can be both high energy and pretty mellow all at the same time.
What is your favourite book and why?

I have so many, I love to read and studied English Literature at Uni.  If pushed I’d probably say Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy.  It’s the strong female main character, the quiet but enduring love, it’s a perfect story.  But also Little Women.  More strong women and sisters who stick together.
What’s the one piece of advice you are going to make sure you pass onto your children?

If there’s one thing I try to get across to them above all else it’s be kind.  There are so many things that I want for them and so many things that I love about them but it’s when they show real kindness that I’m at my proudest.
What’s the most funny/absurd thing that has happened to you as a parent so far?

Every day you find yourself saying something truly absurd to them which keeps life interesting.  I think it’s the times when things go so unbelievably wrong that are the funniest, like when you find yourself on a 3 hour flight with a sociable toddler who has just done a massive poo.. with no nappies.  Come to think of it, a lot of them are toilet related…
Cats or dogs?

I suppose I should really say cats since we have one…
If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

So so many places, I also love to travel and did a round the world trip by myself in my mid-twenties.  I still try to do as much as we can but it has definitely been slightly curtailed by kids.  I would say that in the short term I’d like to take the kids to the US and then when they’re a bit bigger I’d like to see Costa Rica, go on safari and also take my family to Australia where I lived for a year.
What is the best or worst piece of parenting advice you’ve received?

I was actually thinking about this earlier today!  When you’re in the throes of the newborn days you have so many people telling you to make the most of it when, if you’re anything like me, you feel shellshocked, exhausted and terrified and making the most of it feels far from your mind.  But then again you get to where I am now (a 5 and nearly 3 year old) and you yearn for the newborn smell and wish that you really had made the most of it!  I think if I could give the same advice I’d tell people in the same breath to enjoy it as often as you can and also that it’s going to get better.  There’s too much pressure in the early days to feel like you’re having the best time ever and that’s a tough thing for women to live up to in my experience.

Thanks so much for the questions it was fun to think about my answers!

I’ll nominate:

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  • Rainy City Kids
  • Teashop Diaries

And here are the questions…

  1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  2. If you could have anything for Christmas what would it be?
  3. How would you describe the first week of being a mother?
  4. Favourite book?
  5. What’s the best baby name you never got to use?
  6. What would you choose for your last meal?
  7. And what’s the one thing you can’t stand to eat?
  8. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  9. Your favourite holiday destination?
  10. Jamie or Nigella?

Let me know if you get round to posting so I can read the results!