Meal Planner (archive)

Week starting 11th July


Feels like the posting of the meal planner gets later every week, but then again I am posting it so maybe I should focus on the positive. And never fear, we have been eating something, they don’t let me get away with half hearted attempts. These people are hungry goddamnit.

On Monday we had our usual winner dinner pasta pesto as I was off in the big smoke and I always try to keep Mondays easy in any case as life is hard enough. I (and when I say I I mean my husband) just whizz up a big bunch of basil with a handful of pine nuts toasted in a dry pan, about 50g of parmesan and a few good glugs of olive oil, mix with your cooked pasta and you’ve got a tasty 10 minute meal.


Yesterday was a repeat of a hit from a couple of weeks ago, egg fried rice with prawns and spring greens.


The egg fried rice is very simple (especially as I cheat with microwave wholemeal basmati rice). Fry the rice up with some garlic and ginger for 5 minutes or so, add peas and 30ml of soy sauce and then add 2 eggs continually stirring. I served with prawns fried in a bit of butter and cumin and spring greens. Very yummy, feels pretty healthy and is exceptionally quick.

Tonight is going to be one that we were supposed to have last week – easy summer fish pie from this month’s BBC Good Food magazine. I think the easiness is that there’s no white sauce, instead it’s a mix of cooked prawns, hot smoked salmon and creme fraiche. The potatoes are meant to be crushed but I think I may mash them given the audience. I’m dubious about how this will go down so cross your fingers for me.

On Thursday we are having quesadillas, another banker, with cheese and ham/chorizo for the kids and a more grown up version for the adults. Another recipe from this month’s BBC Good Food, sweet potato and shallots which involves cooking a couple of sweet potatoes in the microwave for 10 mins till soft, cooking up the shallots in a pan for 5 mins and using the mixture as a filling with some grated cheese. Watch this space.

On Friday yet another BBC Good Food recipe, chicken gyros, find the recipe here.

My husband saw this one while browsing through the magazine and suggested it for the meal planner (a rare occurrence he usually stays well out of it). It’s chicken (they use thighs, I’ll use breast) marinated in olive oil, oregano, mint, cumin, coriander, paprika, cinnamon and lemon. Served in homemade pitta wraps and tzatziki.

He rightly pointed out that I used to make wraps quite frequently but I think he may be forgetting that this was primarily during maternity leave when I had slightly more time but it’s Friday so I’ll give it a go.

Saturday is a day off to eat cake – I’m helping with manning the cake stall at the school fair as well as contributing to the wares – and then on Sunday we’re going to have toad in the hole because let’s face it, who doesn’t like toad in the hole. If you don’t, I’m not sure we can be friends.

Have a great week!