Meal Planner (archive)

Week starting 27th June


I’ve taken a break from our meal planner over the last few weeks, blame work (mostly), plus the unbelievable stress that is organising a kid’s party and various other things that came my way. I am finally feeling almost back to normal and back to full meal planning capability. Fear not, we have been eating in the meantime, I didn’t let standards slip that badly, but there were definitely some fish fingers and takeaways in there somewhere…

This week we kicked off with pasta primavera – a very simple veggie dish for a midweek meal.


Cook some nice seasonal veg in some oil or butter for 5 mins (I used asparagus, green beans and peas), add around 100g cream cheese and a handful of parmesan then finally loosen up to the desired consistency with some of the cooking water from the pasta. Hey presto, 10 minute meal that they all enjoyed. Well I say that, Edie ate half, then pushed it away saying “I don’t like it” but given it took her half of the meal to make that decision I’m ok with that.

Tomorrow is a recipe from John Torode’s book for egg fried rice – I have featured it in previous meal planners and I do think it’s a good one but clearly there are lots of egg fried rice recipes out there. I’m adding some prawns for our fish day because they are the one seafood they never turn their noses up at.

On Wednesday we’re celebrating Max’s practice day in year one (year one! How did this happen??!!) with some chicken fajitas. I’ve got into the habit of making my own spice mix and salsa these days which sounds highly wanky but both things are very quick and I actually really prefer them. I use this spice mix from BBC Good Food.

On Thursday we’re having veggie curry with naan bread – I haven’t quite decided exactly what this is going to be yet (ok I’m not quite up to full speed maybe) but we usually use an Ella’s kitchen recipe which is a mild coconut milk based curry they seem to like.

On Friday we’re going to have shop bought (gasp) fish cakes with homemade (thank goodness) fries – normal and sweet, because it’s Friday and my nan always said fish on a Friday.

Then a day off for partying (the five year old way) and a roast dinner to finish the week because we haven’t had one in an age and I think they would actually live on Yorkshire puddings.

Have a great week!


p.s. Ignoring the political events of the last few days and supporting my team regardless of current feelings around nationality/nationalism!