Meal planner (archive)

Week starting 30th May


It’s a funny old week.  I feel like it’s just started and yet it’s actually Thursday tomorrow and my meal planner is almost redundant.  Bank holidays and half term will do that to you.  Even when I’m working for half of the week I can’t seem to get my ass into any kind of gear.

Nevertheless we have bee eating this week, believe it or not.  We did have a nice start to the week which involved different people cooking for us which made a nice change but yesterday was back to reality and this garden veg pasta.


Not the greatest picture in the world I’ll grant you but this was a tasty concoction.  One that I thought would cause untold trouble because, despite pasta being a staple in this house, cheese sauces have never gone down too well.  BUT…. everyone ate the lot and Edie even made yummy noises.  This feels like one that might become a summer staple, the sauce is just a mix of cream cheese and parmesan (plus pasta water) and you can stick in whatever veg you have/happens to be in season.  Find the recipe here:

(p.s. it claims it’s low fat due to the light philadelphia but there is a load of parmesan so I’m not sure about this claim but neither are we on a low fat diet so hey ho).

For the rest of the week I have decided to focus on Mexican-inspired food.  I’ve been feeling inspired by the fact that a couple of the kids’ favourite meals are Mexican (quesadillas and fajitas) plus I had the most amazing burrito when working in London the other day and so thought I’d give a few a few other recipes a try to broaden my repertoire.

I found loads of ideas on BBC Good Food (of course) and also Jamie Oliver has a lot of Mexican inspired recipes on his site to peruse.

Today we had this:


Yet another BBC Good Food recipe – chilli glazed salmon with sour cream (or creme fraiche).  The glaze is really easy to make (whizz up onion, garlic, cider vinegar, brown sugar and chilli in a blender) and the salmon is quick to grill for a good midweek meal.  The husband made yummy noises this time.  Two in a row!

Tomorrow is a bit of a cheat because I wanted to have an easy one but it’s inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe – baked sweet potato with avocado and queso fresco.  Find it here:

Ok, so we have regular potatoes to use up so we’re having those instead but using the queso fresco for a bit of a spin on the usual jackets and cheese.

On Friday we’re having a day off and Saturday is a barbecue (fingers crossed) then on Sunday I’m finishing the week with a Mexican chicken stew, find it here:

Have a good (short) week!