Meal Planner (archive)

Week starting 23rd May


It’s been a busy old couple of weeks in this household, what with full time work, full on kids and then a bit of chicken pox thrown into the mix but I’m attempting to get back on top of our meals this week and here’s what we’re having…

Tonight was green (pesto) pasta to start the week off nice and slowly. I recently did a post on how I put our meal planner together and one of my kindnesses to myself is to do something simple on a Monday. The pesto is homemade but it takes approximately 5 minutes to put together – i.e. less time than it takes to cook the pasta and grate up some parmesan for the top. You can find the recipe in the archive section.

Tomorrow I’m going back into the whole fish battlezone with this recipe from BBC Good Food:

I like anything that involves one pan as I invariably end up with the washing up and I’m also looking forward to our first asparagus of the season. I’m slightly late to the game as asparagus season started a few weeks back so we’ll have to make up for lost time this week – yes it makes your wee smell but it tastes bloody delicious. Last year the kids ate it happily, let’s see what this year throws at us (hopefully not literally).

Wednesday we’re having quesadillas in case the whole salmon and asparagus thing was a complete wash-out (another kindness – don’t do more than one difficult meal in a row, everyone needs a break to maintain sanity) and on Thursday I’m going back into the breach with crab and salad. Our fishmonger does really good dressed crab which is tasty just as it is with a load of salad doings and fresh bread. Max has also insisted that he wants to try halloumi so we’ll throw a bit of that in as well.

Friday really should be global pizza night so we’re making some homemade versions and then finishing our (cooking) week on Saturday with toad in the hole. Last week I picked Max up from Melony’s house just as they were about to have toad in the hole and took him home for kedgeree. I was not a popular mummy that day and so this is me making it up to him. We’re away for the rest of the weekend and someone else is doing the cooking, hallelujah!

Have a good week!