Meal Planner – Week Starting 30th November

Week starting 30th November

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… We went tree decoration shopping today, if only it were like life looks on Instagram, all rosy cheeks and Christmas spirit. Instead, they ran amok, hiding on the shelves, pushing off the merchandise and actually smashing a John Lewis glass bauble. Horror.

Anyway, here’s this week’s meal planner. Format remains the same, 2 fish meals, 2 meat meals and 2 veggie meals and one day off for good behaviour.

We are starting the the week with a new recipe which is always a bit of a risk but I like to live life on the edge. I found this cheese and broccoli pasta bake in this month’s edition of Delicious magazine which I bought at the end of 3 very long days in London last Wednesday as a train treat. I would add a link to the recipe but I searched for 5 minutes on the Delicious website amongst the 3 million recipes that came up with that description and then gave up. Sort it out Delicious magazine.

Tuesday is also a new one – I’m truly living life dangerously this week. I’ve been looking for new prawn recipes and came across this one on a bit of a trawl, thought it was worth a go. This one is a BBC Good Food recipe which you can find here (well done BBC Good Food).

Next up we have some sea bass to use up so we’re going to have that with trusty roasties and salsa verde. Last time I made salsa verde I wasn’t even going to put it on the kids’ plates but then thought I should in the spirit of encouragement and they were both lapping it up… No logic to their tastes.

I’m feeling pretty safe with bacon and eggs on Thursday so I’m out on a limb again on Friday with a lentil shepherd’s pie which I confess I haven’t tried before but have been meaning to for a while. Will they kick up a stink when they realise it’s not mince? Probably, but hey ho, I’m going to do it anyway.

And finally on Sunday (after my usual Saturday off) we are having chunky chilli with rice. A recipe I meant to try a couple of weeks back but the meal planner somehow went awry – life’s like that isn’t it – and so I have braising steak to be used up. It’s another BBC Good Food recipe which you can find here.

Have a good week all!