Meal Planner – Week Starting 12th October 2015

Welcome to our first meal planner live on our new blog, hope you like it!

We started meal planning in an effort to stay sane whilst eating with a young family – making meals that they would eat but which didn’t bore us to tears (there’s only so much pasta and pesto you can take) whilst juggling work, swimming lessons and all that other life stuff.

The other curve ball we throw in (just to make life harder for ourselves) is that we try to have two meat, two fish and two veg meals a week (plus one day off for good behaviour). We found that it means we can’t shy away from feeding them fish when they moan about it. One day they’ll thank us (or maybe not).

This week is a simple one, life is busy busy busy.

On Monday it’s stuffed jackets which is pretty much what it says on the tin. I’ll bake some jackets, scoop out the middle, mix with cheese and sweetcorn and any other veggies left hanging around, pop it back in, top with cheese and back in the oven for 10 minutes. I’ll serve with salad which means actual salad for me and cucumber and peppers with hummus for them.

On Tuesday it’s prawns pasta, a recipe I made up one night late after work years ago. I cook some onions with some mushrooms and garlic and the tiniest hint of chilli (it used to be more in those days), then pop in some prawns at the last minute. Turn off the heat and mix in some sour cream and toss through the pasta. Serve with copious amounts of parmesan as parmesan hides a multitude of sins.

Wednesday is a new one on me, I’m trying out different ways of making quick pizzas – last week it was naan bread, this week I’m using pitta as a base with some tomato puree and whatever toppings they fancy.

On Thursday it’s fish and chips, I’m out for the evening eating canapés and acting like an adult so the chips are of the oven variety – say it loud and proud!

And finally we get to Friday and the start of the weekend, starting it the way we mean to go on with toad in the hole, Max keeps banging on about bangers and yorkshire pudding is a true crowd please.

Saturday is my day off – we might go out and eat somewhere fancy. Or maybe (more likely) we’ll eat burgers somewhere with brightly coloured decor.

I’m going to finish the week with ham and tarragon pot pie. This is a recipe from the BBC Good Food website, I haven’t tried it before so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve bought some ham hock to make life simpler and puff pastry too. Life is too short to ever every try to make puff pastry.

Enjoy your week!