Feed The Team’s Great British Bake Off

The mixing bowls are in the wash and the tent has been dismantled.  It feels like the right woman won in the end – Nadiya was a star throughout not only because she was a bloody brilliant baker but because she challenged pre-conceptions by making it clear she wasn’t there any filling any alleged quotas.

At the start of the whole thing I got a bit excited and came up with the idea of us 3 running our own Bake Off throughout, baking creations along that week’s theme, posting the results on Instagram and calling whoever got the most likes that week’s Star Baker.

We were about half a week in when I realised that my life is already quite stressful without giving myself the task of creating some kind of baking masterpiece (nothing less would do, I’m that competitive) but nevertheless we all persevered and managed to produce something every week, something, even if I do say so myself, pretty impressive actually.

And I (Emma) won!  I couldn’t quite believe that we were going into finals week 4-4-4, partly because it just sounded so totally made up but also because I always view myself as the least proficient cook amongst the three of us.  I’m more of a trier than a real talent.  My winning bakewell tart though was, bloody delicious, and it was good to win with the bake that is actually my all time favourite.

So I’m slightly glad to see the back of it but a bit sad too, because here are the things I learnt about myself during this year’s Bake Off:

  • I’m bloody competitive – to be fair I think I knew this already but this cemented the view – I mean it didn’t really matter did it (but actually it did).
  • I think I have a bit of a tendency towards perfectionism and should let up on myself a little – yes my piping isn’t perfect but actually I’m not a patissier, i work in Corporate Finance…
  • But actually I quite enjoyed patisserie.  It’s a total faff but I relished the challenge of something I hadn’t tried before.
  • I struggle with making things look neat and tidy but I’m not bad on the taste factor
  • I quite like cake.

So this week, instead of scouring the internet for things to make and madly trying to make something passable in time, I might just kick back and actually relax… but come Wednesday I’ll be missing the competition.